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Should Windows "Built-In\Administrators" Group be SQL Server SysAdmins?

If you worked -or still working- with SQL Server 2005 or earlier, you must have noticed that when you installed these SQL Server versions, the local Windows group "Built-In\Administrators" was automatically included in the SQL Server instance along with getting the role "SysAdmin" server role.

However, since SQL Server 2008 this has stopped. One of the security changes in SQL Server 2008 (and later) was to stop automatically adding "Built-In\Administrators" as SQL Server SysAdmins, thus leaving this decision to the person who performed the installation/setup of SQL Server and/or the Database Administrator (DBA)....(read more...)

Published 7th March 2017
5 minutes read

Why Secure Your SQL Server Instances?

Database Management Systems (DBMSs) store data. They sure have added functionality and a huge set of significant features but again, in the end of the day, they store data. Your data.

This makes your DBMSs one of the most valuable assets in your Organization and that's why you need to keep them as secure as possible during their entire life cycle within your Organization...(read more...)

Published 4th July 2016
5 minutes read