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Why We Build SQL Server Tools

Besides the fact that we build SQL Server tools because we really like SQL Server and enjoy writing cool .NET applications, we build tools in order to help all of us perform our work easier, faster and more efficiently. By the way, we are the first ones who use our tools!

Take for example our product DBA Security Advisor. With a single click, you can perform vulnerability assessments against multiple SQL Server instances, detect possible security risks and get recommendations and remediation methods. Imagine doing that check by check, instance by instance, using a different connection and T-SQL query each time. Using the tool, you focus on the handling of the findings and not the assessment process itself.

Another example is In-Memory OLTP Simulator. In-Memory Optimization in SQL Server (2014) and later is an amazing technology that can boost performance over disk-based operations up to 100x times faster. We tested this technology and we saw in action significant performance improvements. As we wanted to help the rest of the world to easily test SQL Server's OLTP Engine against their own workload, we created In-Memory OLTP Simulator.

We follow the same logic for every single software tool we build. We don't build software just for the sake of building software. We build software because we want to help you get the most out of the world's most powerful data platform. Our tools aim at simplifying the way you can use all these amazing technologies provided by SQL Server.

In every product's page on our website, there is a section called 'Why We Built It' which tells a little story how we decided to develop that piece of software. And this story always has as a purpose you, our fellow technical community members.

We are here to help you.

Check our software tools.

They are not just tools.

They are ways to achieve more with less effort.

They are ways to utilize technology and get back everything it has to offer!