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SQL Server 2016 SP1: A Pleasant Surprise

The announcement of SQL Server 2016 SP1 surely got us all pleasantly surprised! Many features that were traditionally only availabe in the Enterprise Editions of SQL Server, are now also available in other more "affordable" editions such as Standard and Web. Some of these features are even now available in the Express and Local DB editions of SQL Server 2016 SP1.

Features like: Row-Level Security, Dynamic Data Masking, Database Snapshot, In-Memory OLTP, Columnstore, Always Encrypted, and other, along with the Enterprise Edition, are now available in all editions of SQL server 2016 SP1 (Standard, Web, Express, Local DB).

With this positive development, it is now possible for everyone to use many of the special features that until recently were only available in the Enterprise Edition of SQL Server.

One of these features is the powerful In-Memory OLTP Engine. SQL Server's In-Memory OLTP Engine is integrated into the Database Engine, and with the use of memory-optimized tables and natively-compiled stored procedures, you can achieve breakthrough performance over disk-based processing, for a large number of workload types. Check out the related articles for a series of articles that can help you easily take a dive into SQL Server's In-Memory Optimization world.

As a team, we were really amazed by the performance offered by SQL Server's In-Memory OLTP Engine. We ran many experiments with different workload types and volumes and we observed significant performance improvements [get the whitepaper]. To this end, we created In-Memory OLTP Simulator; a powerful tool that helps you benchmark SQL Server's In-Memory OLTP Engine against your own custom workloads and get rich analytics that help you realize the performance benefit when migrating specific workload types and processes from disk-based processing to In-Memory Optimization.

Figure 1: In-Memory OLTP Simulator - Simulation Mode.

Figure 2: In-Memory OLTP Simulator - Benchmark Mode.

Figure 3: In-Memory OLTP Simulator - Analytics.

Download In-Memory OLTP Simulator (Community Edition) today!