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In-Memory OLTP Simulator v1.1 is Now Out!

Today we are proudly announcing the release of In-Memory OLTP Simulator v1.1.

With In-Memory OLTP Simulator, you can easily benchmark SQL Server's powerful In-Memory OLTP Engine against your own workload. You can use standard scenarios as well as create and run your own custom scenarios in order to get rich performance analytics, insights and comparisons when processing your workload in with traditional disk-based tables, memory-optimized tables and natively-compiled stored procedures.
In-Memory OLTP Simulator Screenshot
In-Memory OLTP Simulator - Simulation Mode
In this new release of In-Memory OLTP Simulator, we have included a cool new feature: "Benchmark Mode".

With Benchmark Mode, you can choose to run from three benchmarks with different parameters and thus get useful analytics and comparisons on how your system behaves when you run these operations using In-Memory optimization over disk-based processing.

The three available benchmarks which are available in Benchmark Mode are:

The available parameters are:
- Number of Records to Process: 1000 – 50000000
- Number of Transactions:  1 – 1000
In-Memory OLTP Simulator Screenshot
In-Memory OLTP Simulator - Benchmark Mode
As we are a community-oriented software company, we included Benchmark Mode in both editions of In-Memory OLTP Simulator: (i) Community Edition, and (ii) Ultimate Edition.

Community Edition is free so you can download it and start experimenting with Benchmark Mode and standard simulation scenarios.

Next, if you are looking for an easy way to see how SQL Server's In-Memory optimization would perform for your own workload when compared to disk-based processing, you can consider upgrading to In-Memory OLTP Simulator's Ultimate Edition.

For more info such as: features comparison, how you can purchase the Ultimate Edition, and more, please check out In-Memory OLTP Simulator's product page.