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DBA Security Advisor v2.0 is Now Out!

Dear friends, we are happy to announce the general availability of DBA Security Advisor v2.0!

With today's launch, we've reinvented the way that you interact with DBA Security Advisor and secure your SQL Server instances. With a brand new graphical user interface, the risk assessment process of your SQL Server instances has just became easier and faster.

DBA Security Advisor is one of the most powerful SQL Server tools we have developed. It features a rich set of security checks which are used for running comprehensive risk assessments against your SQL Server instances. Furthermore, its recommendation engine provides comprehensive information about the detected security risks and where applicable it suggests T-SQL scripts that can help you remediate the detected risks in case you don't need to have the relevant features/configuration enabled.

DBA Security Advisor for SQL Server - Screenshot
DBA Security Advisor: Dashboard (Enterprise Edition)
Examples of these security checks are:
  • - Login-Server Role Associations (i.e. find all the SysAdmins, etc.)
  • - Surface area features (i.e. xp_cmdshell, CLR Enabled, Database Mail XPs, etc.)
  • - Password policies
  • - Orphaned users
  • - Login auditing
  • - User:User credential check
  • - …and much more! (for the full list of features you can download the datasheet)
In the event you need to have some features enabled, which might be classified as security risks, the recommendation engine of DBA Security Advisor brings you awareness about them from the security aspect and it’s up to you to decide how to handle it.

DBA Security Advisor for SQL Server - Screenshot
DBA Security Advisor: Connect to Multiple SQL Server Instances (Enterprise Edition)
DBA Security Advisor can also be used as a SQL Server administration tool as it can answer questions like the below:
  • - What are the installed service packs for the selected SQL Server instances?
  • - What are the latest database backup times?
  • - Which are the service accounts for SQL Server Database Engine and SQL Server Agent?
  • - Are there any failed logins and if yes, which are they?
  • - Are there any orphaned database users?
  • - …and much more!
DBA Security Advisor lets you work on multiple SQL Server instances and it is ideal for enterprise environments that have many installations of SQL Server. Especially in these types of environments, DBA Security Advisor makes the life of the SQL Server DBA easier.

DBA Security Advisor comes in two editions: (i) the Community Edition which has limited features but it  is free, and (ii) the Enterprise Edition which has all features enabled and you need to purchase a license in order to unlock all feature

DBA Security Advisor for SQL Server - Screenshot
DBA Security Advisor: Available Security Checks (Enterprise Edition)
What’s new in version 2.0:
  • - Brand new, more user-friendly GUI
  • - Enhancements in Security Checks
  • - Faster Risk Assessment Engine
  • - Bug Fixes
Join us celebrating the release of DBA Security Advisor v2.0!

From today (April 5, 2017) until April 14, 2017 you can use the coupon code DBASECADVISORV2 at our secure online store in order to receive a 20% discount for the Enterprise Edition of DBA Security Advisor v2.0.
DBA Security Advisor for SQL Server - Screenshot
DBA Security Advisor: Security Report (Enterprise Edition)