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DBA Security Advisor v2.0 is Now Out!

Dear friends, we are happy to announce the general availability of DBA Security Advisor v2.0!

With today's launch, we've reinvented the way that you interact with DBA Security Advisor and secure your SQL Server instances......(read more...)

Published 5th April 2017
7 minutes read

Sneak Peek: DBA Security Advisor v2.0

On Wednesday, April 5 2017, we will be officially releasing DBA Security Advisor v2.0.

DBA Security Advisor is one of our most powerful tools for SQL Server. It features a rich set of security checks that can be used for running comprehensive risk assessments against your SQL Server instances. Every time an assessment is completed, DBA Security Advisor provides recommendations and where applicable, T-SQL scripts that can help you remediate the detected risks...(read more...)

Published 31st March 2017
5 minutes read

SQL Server 2016 SP1: A Pleasant Surprise

The announcement of SQL Server 2016 SP1 surely got us all pleasantly surprised! Many features that were traditionally only availabe in the Enterprise Editions of SQL Server, are now also available in other more "affordable" editions such as Standard and Web. Some of these features are even now available in the Express and Local DB editions of SQL Server 2016 SP1.

Features like: Row-Level Security, Dynamic Data Masking, Database Snapshot, In-Memory OLTP, Columnstore, Always Encrypted, and other, along with the Enterprise Edition, are now available in all editions of SQL server 2016 SP1 (Standard, Web, Express, Local DB)...(read more...)

Published 18th November 2016
3 minutes read

In-Memory OLTP Simulator v1.1 is Now Out!

Today we are proudly announcing the release of In-Memory OLTP Simulator v1.1.

With In-Memory OLTP Simulator, you can easily benchmark SQL Server's powerful In-Memory OLTP Engine against your own workload. You can use standard scenarios as well as create and run your own custom scenarios in order to get rich performance analytics, insights and comparisons when processing your workload in with traditional disk-based tables, memory-optimized tables and natively-compiled stored procedures....(read more...)

Published 1st November 2016
5 minutes read

Why We Build SQL Server Tools

Besides the fact that we build SQL Server tools because we really like SQL Server and enjoy writing cool .NET applications, we build tools in order to help all of us perform our work easier, faster and more efficiently.

Take for example our product DBA Security Advisor. With a single click, you can perform vulnerability assessments against multiple SQL Server instances, detect possible security risks and get recommendations and remediation methods...(read more...)

Published 26th September 2016
5 minutes read

Free Online SQL Server Services

Three years ago, back in 2013, we founded SQLArtBits.

We are now a team of Community-driven professionals and we develop simple yet powerful data tools for the Microsoft Windows Operating System. The majority of our tools mainly interact with SQL Server, thus providing a richer user experience and enabling the user to get the most out of the world's more powerful data platform...(read more...)

Published 15th August 2016
5 minutes read

DBA Security Advisor is Now Out!

Today is big day. Today, DBA Security Advisor is finally released!

It has been a long journey. Two years of research, development, testing, QA, and the list goes on! I work with SQL Server for more than 11 years and I have seen hundreds of SQL Server installations and setups. I have seen best practices and bad practices. I have seen deep knowledge in administering SQL Server, but I have also seen naivety in administering such a powerful RDBMS and believe me, naivety in database administration is not something good...(read more...)

Published 28th June 2016
5 minutes read